A Day at DISS

d routine

Day to day Activities

Daily hostel routine for students: learning approach :
  1. 5.00am: wake up
  2. 15am-6am: Shower
  3. 6.15am-6.45am: Breakfast
  4. 7.00am: Morning Assembly
  5. 7.15am: Enter to the class room
  6. 12am: Classes End
  7. 1.00am-2.00pm: lunch
  8. 2.00pm-4.30pm: Rest time
  9. 4.30pm-5.45pm: Play time
  10. 5.45pm-6.00pm: Evening refreshment
  11. 6.00pm-6.30pm: Evening prayer
  12. 6.30pm-8.00pm: Study time
  13. 8.00pm:Dinner time
  14. 9.00pm-10pm: Study time
  15. 10.00pm: Lights out.

Our strategy
SWOT analysis:

After admission each and every child will be taken under psychological test according to the chaild psychology. Each child’s psychology is analyzed to find their weakness, strength and opportunity. According to these findings they will bring on right track.

Art of living& life skill based education:
Teachingethics, morality, human values,human resources, rightand the responsibility to society of our family call Art of living. student will develop their morality, responsivness and possitive attitude by Art of living. If we do not improve our morality then we will not be able to play our responsibility towards the society. DISS will also aerrange the Life Skilled Based Education program so that student can learn how to survive in the hostile Environment.

Hidden talent identification:
Beside their academic course curriculer, daffodil Institute of social Science will organise more classes for learning about extra curriculer or creative work and make the student innovative thinker, creative and technology oriented. First DISS will Figure out the hidden talent from these students and then According to the hidden talents of each student will be taught about his/her own fabourite extra curricular.

perticipatory Engagement Teaching (PET) training:
Teachers also will be trained for giving approprite participatory skills training to the students. Participatory Engaging Teaching (PET) enable the participants to develop their knowledge and skills by using creative methods in teaching to ensure effective and active participation in the class.

learning by doing:
This is to be sure that what they are being taught, they learn all these the right way.By working hands-on to ensure that they are learning something effective.

Annual Sports and cultural program& Term exam:
Each year, we will arrange the annual sports competition and cultural program for the student of DISS. So that they can be inspired to participate in this program and develop their mind and knowledge.Term tests is also taken three times in a year in order