From its inception, the Daffodil Institute of Social Science (DISS), operated by the Daffodil Foundation, has been designed with the understanding that the Daffodil Family will provide financial support as part of their commitment to social responsibility. We envision that in the future, one-third of the Daffodil Family's resources will be allocated to charitable endeavors, with the primary objective being the support and development of DISS.

Our goal is to foster the growth and education of 4,000 students through DISS, nurturing them in a unique and effective manner that cultivates their intellectual abilities and extracurricular skills. This approach aims to shape them into well-rounded, qualified leaders for the future of Bangladesh.

To achieve this, we have meticulously developed DISS to provide an optimal environment, encompassing various aspects such as effective communication, technological advancement, healthy food habits, sports, and more. Our focus on assessing students' intelligence, nurturing their behavior, fostering respect for society, and delivering a comprehensive and effective education is central to our mission of holistically supporting their development."  

To date, we have not sought external funding for our initiatives, as the Daffodil Family's various entities, particularly Daffodil International University (DIU), have played a crucial role in supporting the Daffodil Institute of Social Science (DISS) with their resources. We are confident that with the Daffodil Family's commitment, we will successfully establish DISS as an exemplary model.

While we have considered options for external sponsorship of our students, we have not yet pursued this avenue, as our current funding and support have been sufficient for our operations. Our approach is phased, with the first phase focusing on the education and development of male students. The second phase, set to begin upon the completion of our additional facility currently under construction, will see the enrollment of female students. This approach ensures we can adequately address security and compliance concerns, creating a safe and nurturing environment for all our students.