There are millions of kids/children in our country who lives in extremely poor condition. They do not get education, job, food or health services which are the basic needs for human being. In distraction they look for any kind of job opportunity to put them at least at the foundation step of economic ladder or to save them from the curse of poverty.  Most of these children are working in terrible conditions to support their families. Undoubtedly they are living in hardship and their family member possesses minimum to no literacy skills.

Lack of early year’s motivation and support at home places these underprivileged children at a great disadvantage both in academic and social development.
Academically, they remain unable to cope with the demands of the school environment. The lack of early stimulation causes these children to miss out on the development of concrete concepts. Children enter a school system that is almost entirely based on abstract concepts and examples. So they quickly become disengaged.
The lack of success in academics fuels a low self-image. This low self-image leads to a mentality of “learned helplessness”, causing children to feel they cannot succeed, and that there is nothing that they can do about it. So they look for an opportunity for prosperity, but who will take the effort. We believe that the most effective way to break the cycle of poverty is through quality and holistic education. The thought of DISS has been derived to develop those deprived children of the country.
Daffodil Institute of Social Sciences (DISS)  is a residential institute for the Disadvantaged , Underprivileged, Street and Orphan children the Bangladesh, providing accommodation, food, healthcare, education from Kindergarten to Postgraduate, vocational training and all other basic amenities of life absolutely free with a job after completion of education.