We have the dream to bring learning and skill development opportunities for the disadvantaged community children of the society. The neglected children have some talents, vision to change their social status or to do some work to fulfill the basic needs where we have few scopes for this community to help them to upgrade their status. Only government is not enough to change their fate wheels. Private organization should come forward and here DISS will work to support this disadvantage community.

DISS will work for the holistic development of the children and will develop their leadership qualities, problem solving skills ,attitudes for team work so that they can fit themselves at any space in the job world and society later.

In the long run the trained students will be able to support their own family, change the financial status and transform their level from liabilities to change maker through contributing to the society.

Expected outcome:

"Fulfilment of basic rights for the most vulnerable, homeless disadvantaged street children; an empowered children friendly society consisting of positive community contributors to the future of Bangladesh"